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    No one likes melted chocolate or room-temperature turkeys.
    Keep your perishables cool with our diesel delivery service.
    We’re just a phone call away and we can keep your tank filled.
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Reefer Fuel Delivery

Rhino’s Reefer Fueling Solutions: What Do We Fill?

Whether you are keeping a grocery store stocked or making sure fresh food is served in a restaurant, product safety is critical. A temperature-controlled environment is a must-have whether you are storing excess stock, holiday hams and turkeys, or if you are making repairs on equipment forcing cold or frozen items to be temporarily relocated. While a reliable reefer truck is a solid solution, having enough off-road fuel on hand is imperative. With our managed solutions, we will deliver diesel directly to you and make sure your fuel gauge says “FULL.”


Rhino is on Standby to Meet Your Reefer Refueling Needs For Your Trucks and Trailers

From ice cream and other dairy products, to fresh meat, farm produce, and fresh-cut floral items, a temperate environment can make or break the quality of your products. If you find that your trailer is low on fuel, we’ve got you covered. Give Rhino a quick call and we will get diesel delivery scheduled for delivery to almost anywhere in the United States. We are adding new locations every day.

Our team ensures that your order is sent in a timely manner to keep your engines fired up and your product cooled down.

reefer fueling solutions

Reefer Fuel Delivery 24/7

No one likes melted chocolate or room-temperature turkeys. Keep your perishables cool with Rhino's diesel delivery service. We’re just a phone call away and we can make sure your tank will never run out of fuel.

On-Site Refueling Service To Refrigerated Trucks 24/7/365

Reefer Fuel Delivery

Rhino Offers Reefer Fueling 24/7/365

For any industry, efficient operations are vital to your company’s bottom line, and there is no room for error with fuel. When you have people counting on you, count on Rhino Fuel to keep your team up and running when power is a must. Our service provides peace of mind while ensuring that your operations run as smoothly as possible.
Reefer Fuel Delivery

Diesel-Powered Generators: Reliable, Durable, Convenient

Rhino Fuel understands that power is essential to your success. Whether you are keeping food cold, ensuring patients’ well-being, or keeping electronic data secure, reliable electricity is critical to your daily operations.
And that’s where your generator comes in. Trust Rhino Fuel to help you stay ahead of any emergency by keeping your generators fueled up and ready to go. Our mobile fueling solutions deliver results for your power needs 365 days a year.

Reefer Fuel Delivery

Don’t Be Caught Off Guard When an Emergency Hits

Power is vital to your successful operations and having a backup generator ensures that you won’t miss a beat – even in trying times. Rhino Fuel’s experienced emergency fueling teams will keep the lights on and the motors going so your operations can keep moving forward. Our diesel fuel is reliable, cost-effective, and above all, available. We’re always there when you need us.

Reefer Fuel Delivery

What Can We Fuel?

No matter what time of the day or night you call Rhino Fuel, we are ready to help. We will go the extra mile to fuel your stationary or portable emergency generators with diesel fuel so your operations can remain up and running. Whether your facility has a portable generator necessary for only a temporary time or a stationary generator for higher-demand power needs, we keep your generators fueled so you can keep the power lines fed. The Rhino Fuel team members are experts when it comes to creating fuel delivery solutions for your unique needs.

How Do We Keep Your Refrigerated Trucks And Trailers Fueled?

With Rhino Fuel, on-site diesel delivery could not be easier.

1. Give us a call any time of day or night
2. Talk with one of our fuel team members
3. We will access your fuel needs, timeline, and location
4. Rhino Fuel team members arrive at your site to fuel up your equipment safely and efficiently
5. We can set up a fuel management service to ensure your reefer trucks are never empty.
Yes, it really is that easy with Rhino Fuel!
Fast, friendly, affordable, and dependable. Rhino Fuel delivers diesel fuel when and where you need it most.

When You Need Reefer Refueling NOW, You Can Trust Us 365 Days A Year 

Chances are that you are in one of two situations when you call Rhino Fuel:

A) You need fuel right now (and you can’t get it soon enough!)

Improved efficiency and productivity
Limited liabilities
Controlled fuel spending
Comprehensive reporting
Labor savings
Reduced likelihood of fuel theft

B) You are making plans to fill your trailer for a specific time in the upcoming weeks.

In either case, Rhino Fuel can help keep your operations on track with strategic fuel management.

For emergency fuel needs, diesel is only a quick call away thanks to our fuel team experts who are committed to finding you fuel FAST. You can count on Rhino Fuel to go the extra mile to get the fuel you need to help get you through any emergency you are facing.

On the flip side, if you need to schedule seasonal, periodic, or recurring reefer refueling, Rhino Fuel has a plan that will fit your needs.

Depending on your specific power usage, we can provide twice-a-day, daily, and every-other-day refueling scheduling, ensuring your operations maintain optimal productivity.

Talk to one of our fuel experts to discover how Rhino Fuel can accommodate your unique needs.


Mobile Fueling Keeps Your Refrigerated Trailers & Generators The Right Temperature

Fueling up sounds easy, right? But consider how much time and energy it really takes in the big picture.
Miles driven to a fuel station
Subsequent time taken away from your current project or client demands
Volatile fuel prices depending on geographic location
Fortunately, there is one service that can help minimize the interruptions caused by refueling demands: Mobile fueling service

What We Fuel


• Grocery Stores
• Restaurants
• Warehouses

Vehicles and Equipment 

• Refrigerated Trailers
• Backup Generators
• Equipment / Trucks 

Frequently asked questions

Can I use a fleet card for mobile fueling?

Yes. Rhino Fuel accepts several forms of payment including fleet cards, all forms of credit cards, and ACH payments.

Are you located in my area?

Chances are good that if you are in Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, or Colorado, Rhino Fuel has you covered. We are constantly adding new locations and offer a variety of flexible fuel delivery options.

What are your hours of operation?

At any given hour on any given day, Rhino Fuel has fuel team experts ready to help assist you – around the clock. Just give us a call!

What types of fuel does Rhino Fuel offer?

We deliver On-Road Diesel, Gasoline, Off-Road Diesel (also known as Dyed or Farm Diesel). Modern diesels require Diesel Exhaust Fluid or DEF. Rhino Fuel provides a wide range of DEF solutions including delivery directly into your tank, pallets of jugs, 55-gallon drums, and bulk fuel totes.

Diesel Delivery Services

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