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Off Road Diesel Delivery


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Off Road Diesel Delivery

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No request is too big or too small for us. Our fuel team experts will address your specific needs and come up with a fuel delivery plan to get fuel to you fast. If you are in Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, or Arizona, Rhino Fuel can ensure that your equipment is fueled up – saving you time, money, and energy. We deliver fuel straight to you and help with providing high quality diesel.

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Why Use Off-Road Fuel?

If you oversee or work with  equipment including tractors, excavators, generators, backhoes, reefer trailers, yellow iron, skid steers, trains, bulldozers, forklifts, and other standard heavy equipment, then you are probably familiar with off-road fuel. This diesel is critical to keeping your operations running smoothly and efficiently. No matter how much fuel you need or how many tanks you need filled, Rhino Fuel can bring the fuel to you with our mobile fueling service. Give Rhino Fuel a call any day, any hour, anytime your equipment needs off-road diesel fuel. We offer reliable on road mobile fuel delivery service that will ensure that your operations stay on schedule and on task with fueled-up equipment.

What Is Off-Road Fuel?

Off Road Fuel

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, off-road diesel fuel, or Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD), is sold for use in equipment and vehicles that are not usually operated on public roadways, such as equipment and vehicles used on farms and railways, in construction, and for electric power generation. It is sold at a lower price than regular diesel.

You might know this type of fuel as:

Red diesel

Tax-exempt diesel

Off-road diesel

Non-road diesel

Off-highway diesel

Dyed diesel

Marked diesel

The main difference between off-road diesel and on-road diesel is fuel tax: off-road diesel has no fuel tax while on-road diesel is subject to fuel tax.

Just as the name implies, off-road diesel should only be used for off-road uses such as agricultural use, heating oil, construction fueling generators, boiler fuel, and equipment that is never used on a public road. Failure to comply with these restrictions will likely result in hefty IRS and state fines.

In fact, according to the IRS’ Internal Revenue Code, the fine for illegal use of dyed diesel is $10/gallon or $1,000 per violation – whichever is greater, plus payment of the tax.
Diesel Delivery

Off-road diesel is dyed red with the chemical additive Solvent Red 26 or 164, giving it a distinct look and making it easy to spot by law officials. Rhino Fuel’s expert team members are here to answer any questions you might have about whether off-road diesel is right for you.

Where Can Rhino Fuel Deliver Off-Road Fuel?

Based in Dallas, Texas, Rhino Fuel’s service territory includes Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Arizona – and we are continually adding locations. Call our team of fuel delivery experts to discover how we can get fuel to you quickly, efficiently, and affordably.
Thanks to our extensive network of industry partners and suppliers, we are equipped with diesel delivery to you when and where you need it most.
Let our mobile fuel delivery experts save you time and money by creating a customized diesel fuel delivery solution.

What Is Wet-Hosing?

In a nutshell, wet-hosing is simply a term that refers to direct-to-equipment or mobile on-site fueling. When fuel is delivered to a specific site, and a tanker directly fuels a piece of equipment, this is known as wet hosing.

Mobile diesel fueling provides a wealth of benefits to customers including:

Time savings – You will save substantial time when you call Rhino Fuel to deliver diesel directly to your site.

Streamlined service – Instead of calling multiple vendors, Rhino Fuel can assist with all your fuel needs.

Convenience – Trade in trips to the fuel station for fuel brought directly to you.

Less wear and tear – Repeated trips to fuel stations translates into more mileage and maintenance on your vehicles.

Reduced financial and time loss – Gas station trips open the door for theft and wasted time.

Mobile Fueling Quick Tip:

Register with your state to obtain a permit to use off-road, or tax-free, diesel in your operation. 

What Rhino Fuel Can Fill

Farm Equipment

Bulk Tanks

Landscape Equipment

Count On Rhino Fuel When You Need:

Diesel (off-road, dyed diesel)

Bulk Fuel Delivery

Diesel (highway)

DEF (diesel exhaust fluid)


Bulk gas

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At Rhino Fuel, we are serious about your success. We understand how important reliable fuel is to your operations. Whether you need fuel for a short project, scheduled daily fill-ups for weeks or months, or emergency fuel, Rhino Fuel is here to help. We are focused on your satisfaction, and that means safely delivering the fuel you need at any time – day or night. 

Our dedicated diesel fuel delivery experts will talk with you, assess your situation and needs, and create an efficient fuel solution tailored to your operations.

And remember, no request is too small for Rhino Fuel. Whether you need one tank or one hundred, our goal is to power up your equipment so you can get the day’s work done.

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