The Many Benefits of Fuel Tank Rental

If you run a business that requires a constant fuel supply, you should consider a mobile fuel storage tank. You may currently have a fuel delivery system that works fine for you, but investing in a fuel tank that can hold fuel in bulk has many benefits.

When it comes to fuel tanks, you can choose to buy or rent one. There are several factors that go into determining whether to buy or rent one. These include your cash flow and whether or not you’re looking for a long-term commitment.

Fuel Tank Rental

Below, we go over some of the major benefits of renting a fuel tank.

1. Fuel Savings

With fuel prices ever increasing, it’s vital to find any means you can to cut costs. Buying in bulk almost always equals savings, which also applies to fuel. If you run a busy site where you use machinery daily, refueling is essential to day-to-day activities. If you have fuel deliveries every day, this will be very costly.

You can rent a fuel storage tank instead, ensuring you have constant and reliable access to fuel whenever you need it. This way, you save your money and time. Even companies that don’t need year-round fuel deliveries can still take advantage of lower fuel costs by renting a fuel tank.

If you run a seasonal business like farming or ranching, basically any business with a fluctuating demand for fuel, it’s beneficial to have a fuel tank in your premises.

2. Increased Efficiency

Running low or out of fuel significantly slows your operations and causes business downtime. With a bulk storage tank, you have full-time access to large volumes of fuel, so you’re less likely to run out of fuel. As such, your productivity and efficiency are not affected.

Your employees no longer need to take trips off-site for refueling, and they can spend their time, energy and focus on more important tasks on-site. Additionally, your workers having to travel elsewhere to refuel burns fuel just to get to the fueling station, so it’s more beneficial to build your own fueling station to cut out travel time and costs.

Having your fuel in a conveniently nearby space means you save hours that would have been spent going to the fuel station. You can work smarter and more efficiently by hiring a fuel tank.

3. Reduced Cases of Fuel Theft

Fuel theft is a big problem for many companies, and it’s one of the expenses that can really eat into your profits. You’re paying a great deal of money for the fuel, so it makes sense to invest in keeping it safe.

When you have your tank on-site, it’s a lot easier to keep an eye on who’s using the fuel and why. You can also invest in a multi-layered security system involving your site security, CCTV, tank alarms, anti-vandal locks, and more.

You can also go all out with a fuel purchasing and management system for maximum security. With such a system, you will have software keys that are only handled by trusted keyholders. This way, you’ll have full control over your fuel supply.

4. Easier Management and Security

Depending on the mobile fuel service provider you choose, the fuel tank may also come with a wide range of dispensing equipment, giving your rental tank the capabilities of a fueling station. This makes the whole process smoother and easier to manage.

Additionally, the management system means you can measure and monitor metrics like fuel consumption. These metrics are extremely important for accounting and budgeting. This management system doubles as a security system, enabling you to have full control over every liter of fuel on your site.

5. Reduced Maintenance Costs

Having your fuel on-site brings down maintenance costs across the board. Your vehicles will travel for fewer miles, meaning fewer services and vehicle repairs. This might not seem like much for one car, but when it’s a whole fleet of vehicles over an extended period of time, these are significant savings.

With a fuel tank rental, you can reduce the mileage on your vehicles, so you’ll have more time before your fleet is due for a replacement. You can significantly cut your running costs by renting a mobile storage fuel tank. 

Efficiency is about optimizing every aspect of your day-to-day, and you can start by bringing down maintenance costs.

6. Increased Fuel Quality Control

When you have your own fuel tank, you have greater control over fuel quality. Refueling your vehicles at the nearest station leaves a lot to chance. You don’t know how clean the fuel is, whether it has a high moisture content, and whether the owners have taken measures against diesel bug.

One of the greatest dangers to your engines is contaminated fuel. Diesel contamination usually starts with moisture, followed by diesel bug. Diesel bug microbes emit waste products that can choke up engines, leading to costly breakdowns.

If your refueling point puts your vehicles at risk due to contaminated fuel, that could affect your business for days, causing delays and complaints from clients. When you have an on-site fuel tank, you control every aspect, so you can take every measure to maintain the highest quality standards.

7. Better Oversight

With on-site fuel storage, you get greater oversight of your daily business operations. When you have details on your business operations, it’s easier to make data-driven decisions that will minimize expenses and maximize profits.

Using the right kind of software gives you increased oversight at no extra cost to you. You’re using software to manage and monitor other aspects of your business, so you can also use it for your fuel supply. After all, this is one of the most expensive recurring expenses.

Looking for a Fuel Tank Rental? We Can Help

Whether you’re looking for a short-term solution to cover a pressing demand for fuel storage or you need a long-term way to supplement your infrastructure to handle seasonal demand, hiring a fuel tank is a great way to ramp up your fuel supply.

For all your diesel delivery needs, feel free to contact us. We have partners nationwide that can deliver to all major cities and many remote places in the U.S. We handle all your fuel delivery needs, so you don’t waste time at a gas station while you could be working.